PSG defeated All Star 5-4 Doble, Messi scored one

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Lionel Messi scored one goal in a friendly in Paris Saint-Germain. Attacked to win Riyad All Star 5-4, with Cristiano Ronaldo conceding two goals alone for the local team. but unable to lead the team to win

A warm-up football match at the King Fahad International Stadium, Saudi Arabia. On Thursday, January 19, the past It’s a meeting between Riyadh All-Stars. Led by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and new striker Al-Nasser. Against Paris Saint-Ger. insect The French Ligue 1 giants have Lionel Messi. The 2022 World Cup winner, with the Argentina national team as the protagonists.

PSG defeated All Star 5-4 Doble, Messi scored one

This UFABET game opened just 3 minutes , PSG took a 1-0 lead from Lionel Messi slipped into an offside trap and beat Mohamed Al-Owasis the goalkeeper. The place went in easily. However , Cristiano Ronaldo came to score a penalty in the 34th minute after being fouled by Kaylor Navas. Then in the 39th minute PSG Down to 10 players. Juan Bernat received a red card for deliberately disqualifying Salem Al-Dawsari. 

Even if there are fewer players left team from the perfume league Came to get the lead from Marquinos in the 43rd minute. The game pretending to end the first half with a score of 2-1. But in the 5th minute of injury time,   Riyad All Star came to receive an equalizer from Ronaldo, the same man who headed the ball into the second post , Sergio Ramos missed the tackle, causing the Portugal captain to follow repeatedly at half-time, leading to a 2-2 draw. 

In the second half, PSG took the lead again from Sergio Ramos, charging in the 53rd minute, but 3 minutes later, Riyad All-Star equalized again from Jang Hoon ‘s corner kick. Su , then the visiting team comes to speed up. And add 2 more goals from the penalty spot for Kylian Mbappe in the 60th minute and Ugo Ekitike, a 20-year-old youngster in the 78th minute, escaped to 5-3

Before the injury time, Riyad All-Stars got another goal from Anderson Taliska, who came down as a substitute, but didn’t catch the end of the match, PSG won all stars Riyadh 5 -4 and considered the first game in which two top players of former clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona have come to duel again. Since their last meeting in December 2020, when Ronaldo was with  Juventus, he traveled to the Nou Camp in the Champions League group stage.