Preflop Raise Sizes

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Due To The Blind Structure, The Pot Is Much Larger Than The NLH, Making The Short Deck Play Preflop The Middle Pot Much Bigger Compared To The NLH, So Players Limp More Preflop Because They Only Have To Fill. 10 To Eat All 70 Pots, Or 1:7. It Can Be Said That Just Having 12.5% ​​Of Equity To Play Is Worth It.

A Good Preflop Race Size For Playing Short Decks Is Different Than NLH Races That Usually Only Race 2-3x. A Good Size For Playing Short Decks Is A Pot Size + 1BB

, For Example A $70 Mid Pot Size. Should Race $70+$10 = $80 And With Limper We *2 Ante For 1 Limper E.G. If There Is 1 Limper The Pot In The Middle Would Be $80 We Should Race $100 {$70+$10+$10*2(* 1 This One Depends On The Number Of Limpers)} In Order To Protect Our Strong Hands And Get As Much Money Into The Middle Pot As Possible.

Preflop Raise Sizes

Short Deck Starting Hands

Hands That Should Be Played Are 89, 9T, TJ, JQ. These Hands Are Significantly Stronger Than In NLH Because In Short Deck. If We Stick Open-Ended On The Flop, We Have About 48-50% Equity. And A Hand Like TJ Has 50/50 Equity Measured With AK In The Preflop Range.

Hands To Watch Out For When Playing Are Low Pair Hands, Such As 66 – 99 In The Short Deck. They Are Considered Low Pairs Because This UFABET Game Does Not Have 2-5 Cards). Because It’s Hard For Us To Find A Good Situation

For Example, You Hold A 66 On A 68T Board, You Have A Set But Your Opponent Can Have It From 79,88,TT,T8,T6,J9,T9 Which Your Equity Is Hardly Above His. Therefore, You Should Play With Low Pairs Carefully.

As For The Premium Hands Such As AA, KK Or AK, These Things We Can Play Normally, Just Like NLH.

Another Thing You Should Remember Is That In Short Deck, Suited Hands Are Not As Valuable As NLHs Because Flushing Is Much Harder!

As For Play, You Can Either Limp, Raise Or Limp-Reraise, It All Depends On The Table You Play At And Your Playing Strategy.