Howe sets a record for the longest 15 Premier League games unbeaten for a good manager

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Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe led the team to show unbeaten form since September, including 15 consecutive games, the most of any good head coach ever in the Premier League. After just attacking Crystal Palace 0-0 on Saturday, January 21

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has made a name for himself. When becoming an English head coach in the Premier League era who made the most unbeaten performance of 15 games after leading Salika Dong  to a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace in the top league game in the UFABET land of the elite On Saturday, January 21, the past, divided into 9 wins, 6 draws 

Howe sets a record for the longest 15 Premier League games unbeaten for a good manager

After losing 1-2 to Liverpool at the beginning of September, Salika Dong went on to perform unbeaten by any other team, starting with a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace and a 1-1 draw with Bournemouth. 1. Then go on to win Fulham 4-1, beat Brenford 5-1, draw Manchester United 0-0 and then win 6 games in a row against Everton, Spurs. S, Aston Villa, Southampton, Chelsea and Leicester City.

Before the beginning of the year came to draw Leeds United and Arsenal with the same score 0-0, followed by defeating Fulham 1-0 and the latest game to attack Prasat Ruean Kaew . which is not only the first great nobleman to do so It also sets a record for the Magpies, as in the club’s 130-year history they have not lost 15 consecutive top-flight games to this day.

In second place is former Newcastle head coach Alan Pardew , who led the side to a 14-match unbeaten run between May and November 2011, and third is Stewart. Pearce, a former Manchester City manager , led the side to a 13-match unbeaten run between April and September 2005. 

For one point from this game , Newcastle overtook Manchester United to rank third in the Premier League table with 39 points, but Tune Army had a better goal difference, which Howe admitted. Disappointed that I couldn’t grab it. Three points can come out. Because the team creates more opportunities in both the first half and the second half But not shooting enough, which is something that needs to be improved further