HOW TO PLAY LIKE A PRO! Short Deck Poker Bible

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Who Is Short Deck A Game For?

– People Who Want To Have Fun Playing
Because Short Deck Is A UFABET Game That Has More Action Than NLH Because Good Cards Come Into Hand Easily And Often Collide With Opponents All The Time And Make Most Games Played In A Large Pot. All Of Which Can Be Called Super Fun!

– People Who Don’t Have Much Time To Play
Short Deck Is A Game That Has Fewer Cards Than NLH, Causing Good Cards To Come Up A Lot, Including The Blind Structure That Forces People To Play. Which We Will Talk About In The Next Picture

-People Who Are Getting Saturated With NLH And Are Looking For Alternative Games,
Short Deck Is Almost All Basic Of NLH If You Are A Good Player In NLH.

HOW TO PLAY LIKE A PRO! Short Deck Poker Bible

6+ How Is Hold’em (Short Deck) Different From No Limit Hold’em?

1. Cards Number 2 To Number 5 Are Removed From The Pile. So There Are Only 36 Cards In The Pile Of 6+, Unlike No Limit Hold’em Which Has 52 Cards.

2. Flush Is Bigger Than Full House Because The Percentage Of Flush In 6+ Is Harder Than The Percentage Of Full House.

3. This Is The Most Important! A Can Be Used Instead Of 5 To Be A Straight Is A6789 And Can Also Be Used As A 10JQKA Straight Like Normal Poker Games.