Fundamental laws Of Pusoy

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Every Player Must Arrange The 13 Cards Received Into 3 Rows, Divided Into 3 Top lows, 5 Middle Rows And 5 Bottom Rows,
With The Bottom Row Having To Be Stronger Than The Middle Row. And The Middle Row Must Be Stronger Than The Top Row.
The Arrangement Of The Cards Is Based On The Strength Of The UFABET Card Sequence In Poker Games. In Which, If Any Row Can Arrange A Strong Card Sequence. It Will Receive Additional Extra Points.

Fundamental Laws Of Pusoy

Additional Rules To Know

Normally, The Bottom Row Needs To Be Greater Than Or Equal To The Middle Row.
And The Middle Row Needs To Be Bigger Or Equal To The Top Row.
If There Is Any Issue That Falls Out Of This Case. It Will Be Considered That Every Row Of Our Cards Is Crack
(Assuming That All Three Of Our Rows Have No Points). Or As Thai People Like To Call It “Crack”.


At The Beginning, If Any Player Receives 6 Pairs Of Cards, All 13 Cards In A Row (Dragon)
, Flush In Every Row.
Will Win That Turn Immediately Without Needing To Measure Points With Other Players At Showdown


If The Player Can Beat The Opponent In All Three Rows
All Points Will Be Multiplied By Three Immediately. Or As Thai People Like To Call It “Through”
, But If Any Player Can Win Through The Whole Room
This Is Called “Winner Takes All” And All Points Are Multiplied By Six!!

How To Count Points (Royalties)

Three Of A Kind Top Row +3pts
Full House Mid Row +
2pts Mid Quads +8pts Or Bottom Row +
4pts Straight Flush Mid Row +10pts Bottom Row +
5pts Royal Flush Middle +20pts Row Lower +10 Points


6 Pairs +3 Pts
3 Straights +3 Pts
3 Flushs +3 Pts
Dragon +13 Pts